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Do you want to brew better coffee at home?

Finally! An online course that teaches you step by step, at your pace, how to brew coffee better at home, and far cheaper than in person lessons, with introductory lessons balanced with high level information. Everything in one location, in harmony!

Only $143!

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This course is brought to you by our friends at Jellyfish Coffee

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Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Welcome to Coffee 

Chapter 2: Drinks and Bag Descriptions

Chapter 3: Brew Methods

Chapter 4: Brewing Equipment

Chapter 5: French Press

Only $143!

Courses like this normally sell for $300 - $500

Use code 'HOLEY' at checkout for 10% off!

Chapter 6: Pour Over Styles and Trouble Shooting

Chapter 7: 2016 Canadian Aeropress Championships

Chapter 8: How To Taste Coffee

Chapter 9: Cupping

Chapter 10: Chemex!

Chapter 11: Varietals/Cultivars

Chapter 12: Learn From the Pros!

Chapter 13: Thank You, Goodbye and Good Luck!


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