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Extraction Reviews

One of the most beautiful and exciting steps of the coffee brewing process is the extraction! To improve the quality of your coffee, understanding how to properly extract is critical! By doing so, you will have more control on the acidity, sweetness, and balance of your cup. The science and technique behind perfecting your extraction may seem daunting, but @Testing1x2x3 is here to help you learn through captivating videos.


Join @Testing1x2x3 as he brings you up close and personal while he extracts liquid gold from different coffee roasters! In his videos, @Testing1x2x3 will be dialling in his coffee and explaining to you his recipe, dose adjustments and grind settings to extract the best flavours possible. Finally, he will share with you his test results so you learn about making adjustments for future extractions. 

@Testing1x2x3 will make you taste the coffee without actually trying it. He goes above and beyond when illustrating and capturing the colours and intensity of the extracted coffee.Don't believe us? Just watch! 


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