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Featured Blog Post

"Blog posts are the modern day commercial. If you want to grow your business successfully, you better have on kick-ass blog" - Unknown

Are you a cafe that has yet to be truly discovered?

Are you a bakery that develops some of the best doughnuts around?

Do you want to promote your business to a mass audience of coffee and/or doughnut lovers?

Do you want to tell your story?


Then let us help and feature you to thousands of engaged coffee and/or doughnut lovers through multiple social media and communication outlets!


A member of our creative team takes the time to sit down with you to develop a featured blog post which highlights your business. We will walk you through a fairly intensive interview, uncovering and gathering all the information about your business that matters to the masses! We then develop a written feature which we share to an audience of thousands.


It doesn’t end there!


Once the featured blog post is ready to be published, we help you identify the audience that you want to target during the promotion period. Once identified Holey Brewed executes our ‘Blitz Campaign’ where we get this feature in front of the masses. We are so confident in our promotion strategies that we share with you the statistics within a few weeks!



Featured Blog Post: Please email us for pricing

Featured Blog Post + Blitz Campaign: Please email us for pricing


To book a Featured Blog Post, please email us at info@holeybrewed.com