Israel, the Holy Land! 

Home to incredible historical and religious sites, the salty Dead Sea, a nightlife like no other, and a strong culinary scene, Israel has a lot to offer it locals and visitors.  What about their coffee culture? Is it as holy as the land?

Coffee has always been a popular drink in Israel, as to many coffee is more than just a drink. Coffee is a way of brining people together - at sidewalk cafes, on a patio overlooking the water, or at a chic little coffee house. Many times people use coffee as an opportunity to talk with friends, discuss politics, mingle with co-workers or focus in on their studies. The rise of the third-wave coffee culture has been adopted slowly as Israel still hold on to its original coffee roots. Even so, immersing yourself into Israel's coffee culture is an experience for many as you will be exposed to many different side of coffee philosophy! 

Currently in this section you will find;

(1) Coffee shops in Tel Aviv

(2) Coffee shops in Jerusalem 

(3) Coffee shops in Haifa 

More coffee shop reviews to come. Stay tuned!


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