Given their love of the bean, you'd  probably think that coffee was invented in Italy. It wasn't. 

But the Italian passion for coffee has created a  universal coffee culture that can be seen anywhere else in the world, which is why many will argue that Italy is the mecca for coffee! From drink innovation, tools and espresso machines, to drink naming conventions, the Italian coffee culture is stronger than ever before. Yet, the coffee culture is always evolving!

Italy is transitioning from foundational coffee traditions to new ways of approaching coffee with the emergence of the third wave coffee culture. Still, there is a lot of hesitation from the older generations who hold onto the old habits. It is the younger Italian generation who are ready to open their minds to coffee innovation and explore new was of extracting the most flavour from roasts. 

Fun Fact: Past price regulations were imposed by the Italian government to ensure espresso was cheap, so that every Italian could afford it.

Currently in this section you will find;

(1) Coffee shops in Florence

(2) Coffee shops in Cinque Terre 

More coffee shop reviews to come. Stay tuned!


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