Holey Brewed's Content Contributor Spotlight - @_coffeeandkicks

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

If you ask our newest Community Expert what makes him happy in life, his answer would be simple…a good cup of coffee and the freshest sneakers on the market! To say he loves coffee and sneakers would be an understatement. He’s committed to having at least one cup of coffee every day and will always have a 30 sneaker rotation. Apparently, it’s a faux-pas to wear the same shoes twice in one month!

If you haven’t had the chance to meet @_coffeeandkicks then trust us when we say that he is probably the coolest coffee blogger out there. Anyone who meets him automatically likes him as it’s almost impossible to not be charmed by his charisma.

We couldn’t be happier to announce that @_coffeeandkicks will be joining Holey Brewed as one of our Content Contributors! He’s also generously offered to help Mr. HB with his fashion (not an easy task)!

We caught up with @_coffeeandkicks in Yorkville (Toronto, Canada) at HOM Cafe and from the sounds of it, he is excited to join our team!

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Mr. HB: Looks like the winter is just around the corner, any big winter plans? 

C&K: You will find me just hibernating mostly. Definitely going to be doing tons of design work for school, browsing for my bucket list kicks and of course drinking coffee!

Mr. HB: You need more shoes? Let’s focus on the coffee. What is your favourite type of coffee and why?

C&K: I am insulted that you think there could ever be “enough” shoes. Coffee…if I'm working, it has to be Black Drip. You know it’s a classic, simple, cheap, and gets the job done right. On the other hand, if I'm hanging out or in @_coffeeandkicks mode, a simple latte never fails!

Mr. HB: What is something you wish you could change about the coffee space?

C&K: Not much but I wish I could change how long cafes are open! Many of my favourite places tend close around 6-8pm. Whenever I'm grinding away with design work, it really kills the flow of things to stop and move to a spot.

Mr. HB: My man needs his fix 24/7 365! Your page is fairly unique, so where did your inspiration for @_coffeeandkicks comes from? How did it form?

C&K: The inspiration for the page began from a general passion for Sneakers, and the obsession of exploring our amazing city! Having a new pair of shoes almost every couple of days (in rotation of course), along with the erg to search for the coolest and most interesting working environments led me to taking these awesome pictures once or twice a day! After having 30-40 pictures on my camera roll, I figured that I should share them with people who might be interested.

Mr. HB: What do you think makes your Instagram account special compared to so many out there?

C&K: I think my Instagram is completely original. Each and every post embodies my personal style and favourite aspects of daily life. There are a couple other “similar” sneaker accounts that just re-post and share random pictures but it’s not their own. I stand out with my own personal specific style and technique to create quality and consistent content.  By sharing, buying, visiting, and doing all the things that I love, it allows similar and likeminded people to connect.

Mr. HB: In your eyes how does coffee and shoes relate? What is common between the two?

C&K: They are both fairly hidden communities, and two amazing collections of unreal people. Both allow you to share your creativity and style in endless amount of ways.

Mr. HB: Where did your love for coffee and shoes come from?

C&K: As long as I can remember I've been an artist, designer, and creative type of person. I’ve also grown up heavily inspired by my mom, a very successful graphic designer & creative director. My love for sneakers has always been another outlet in the long list of things I’ve used to share my interests and style. From supporting designers, to showing off my favourite colours or silhouettes, sneakers have been a staple in my life. As for coffee, in the last 4-5 years of my life I’ve found that cafes have been an amazing outlet for me to be my most productive self. Being able to achieve complete focus in these fun environments has given me a sense of belonging. Evolving this love into a passion of finding different atmospheres in the city, it’s led me to meet some amazing and cool people.

Mr. HB: Speaking of cool people, why did you choose to join Holey Brewed?

C&K: I chose to be apart of Holey Brewed because it’s the next step in the evolution of @_coffeeandkicks. Now having credibility to support something that started off as a silly hobby, helps create so many new opportunities that would have been out of reach in the past. Besides that, every chance I have to grow my page and share my passions with more people will always be welcome. I love connecting with likeminded people and becoming a Holey Brewed Content Contributor helps me do that just so much more.

Mr. HB: What about the community do you find most exciting?

C&K: I’m most excited to join a team that seems so close. As well, I’m ready to join all the fun and cool events. I can’t wait to join in on all the fun.

Mr. HB: You also get to learn from the best.

C&K: You may be the best when it comes to coffee, but you certainly can learn a thing or two about fashion from me.

Mr. HB: Shots fired.

Mr. HB: What should people know about you outside of @_coffeeandkicks?

C&K: I’m passionate about; cars, fashion, art, design, painting, tinkering, creating, adventuring, travel, film making, sports, and photography. I'm always up for new adventures, experiences or opportunities. I rarely say no.

Mr. HB: Can I have $20?

C&K: No.

To learn more about @_coffeeandkicks check out him out on Instagram!

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