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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

We’ve all had a crush on the girl next door. You know the pretty one who sits outside on a sunny day just reading her book and sipping her coffee. The one who know matter how crazy life is going always seems to just be gleaming from that smile of hers.

Well @alwaysyestocoffee is the coffee community’s girl next door. Oh, and yes… we are crushing hard!

We couldn’t be happier to announce that @alwaysyestocoffee will be joining Holey Brewed as one of our Content Contributors!

We had a chance to connect with @alwaysyestocoffee over a walk in Yorkville!

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Mr. HB: How are you doing?

AYTC: Doing good! Busy as always! I’ll be better once it actually gets to be summer!

Mr. HB: Summer is not too far away, hang in there! I am curious, what does coffee mean to you?

AYTC: How much time do you have? Probably too much! I can’t remember the last day I went without it. Coffee is literally what motivates me to get up in the morning, I love the smell, the taste and just having something warm to sip on while I get ready to start my day. Coffee can be both a kickstart to my day as I’m running out the door at 6:30am but it can also force me to slow down by enjoying a cup in bed on the weekends or connecting with friends on a Saturday afternoon.

Mr. HB: Well if you had to use it to slow down, who would you love to take on a coffee date?

AYTC: Honestly this is going to sound so cheesy but it’s my dad! We live in different cities now, so we don’t get a chance to spend much time together anymore. He’s a super smart guy who is a bit of serial entrepreneur. He is someone that I’ve learned a lot from and would like to continue to learn from as I grow my career. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s always in my corner as my number one cheerleader and we’re always bouncing new ideas off each other. He forces me to think larger and outside my comfort zone as he knows that it will help me grow!

Mr. HB: I love the fact that you are so close with your dad! What is your favourite coffee drink?

AYTC: I love a plain old drip coffee for a couple reasons. I drink it every day and I think it really allows you to taste the different beans. Plus, I can drink a lot of it without getting to full! If I’m looking to treat myself a bit more then you will find a good flat white (Australia makes the best) in my hand. Now to think about it, a latte from Italy as well because they use the full fat good milk, the one that you should probably not be having every day!

Mr. HB: Haha, as you can see, I’ve probably had one too many Italian lattes! I am curious, where did your love of coffee come from?

AYTC: My family is huuuugggggeee into coffee! I started drinking coffee on vacations as my family would always get up early to sit and chat while sipping coffee in the sun. It was my favourite part of the day and I think I still think of coffee as that little cup of happiness.

Mr. HB: Why did you start your Instagram page? Did you come up with your handle yourself?

AYTC: I did come up with the handle myself! It literally started from the fact that every time someone asked “does anyone want coffee” my hand always shot up. People are continuously complementing me on my handle and it just makes me smile! I started my page when I went to school in Vancouver, and I had been such a bookworm that in my last year I realized I had barely gone out to discover the city. I started to use coffee shops I wanted to visit as a destination to study and explore new areas. I think that’s why I care so much not only about the coffee but the experience and vibe inside of the cafe.

Mr. HB: What is your vision for @alwaysyestocoffee? What do you want people to get from your page?

AYTC: To me coffee is like art and I just love taking pictures and sharing them with people! That being said, there’s a lot going on in Toronto and a lot of stuff to sift through! My main goal would be to become a go-to-page for cafe recommendations so that people can check out new areas just like I love doing!

Mr. HB: So why join us the and become a Holey Brewed Content Contributor? What are you most excited about?

AYTC: I am excited to be part of a group where each person is passionate about coffee in their own way! I think we can all learn from each other about how to evaluate coffee properly, what are the best cafes for a first date, and most importantly where has some of the best treats! There is a lot of bloggers out there that talk about coffee but it’s really just showing a nice photo it has little substance for advice, that is where we are going to come in!

Mr. HB: What else should people know about you outside of your Instagram page?

AYTC: My commute to work sucks so I love listening to good podcasts (hit me up with any recommendations). I am also really passionate about health and wellness, so I am always looking for new healthy recipes or fun workout classes to try. And lastly, I’m from Calgary so although I love Toronto, I’m a country girl at heart.

Mr. HB: Yeeeeeehhaaaw

AYTC: *Sighs, walks away*

Mr. HB: Where are you going?! Come back!

To learn more about @alwaysyestocoffee check out her out on Instagram!

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