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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

For many, entering a cafe is simply to get a caffeine fix and maybe sneak a photo for their Instagram page. For Toronto’s local artist (and obviously coffee lover) @garrett.sketch it’s a whole lot more. @garrett.sketch uses cafes as his artistic inspiration. What is even cooler is that he uses the coffee cups from those cafes as his canvas. He sketches what he sees whether its customers drinking coffee, baristas crafting drinks or the plants and architecture in the cafe. All his sketches are colourful and captivating! Garrett has a unique talent that the coffee space has not seen yet. So say ‘goodbye’ to fancy latte art and welcome the rise of coffee cup sketching!

We are delighted to announce that @garrett.sketch has officially joined Holey Brewed. He is joining us as our newest Content Contributor!

We had a chance to connect with @garrett.sketch as the summer came to a wrap!

@garrett.sketch doing his thing!

Mr. HB: Now that summer is coming to an end, reflecting back, what was your favourite part of summer?

GS: I am a pretty simple guy, so it had to be growing herbs and veggies on my balcony!

Mr. HB: Where does your love of coffee come from?

GS: My love for coffee comes from visiting cafes. Visiting a cafe is a great way to explore a neighbourhood. Every cafe is unique, and the baristas and customers lend to that.

Mr. HB: When did you get into sketching and art?

GS: I started painting in February 2018, after a few months of following other artists on Instagram. A few weeks later I got into "urban sketching" – drawing on location rather than from a photo for reference. It’s a neat way to document my experiences traveling within the city and abroad.

Mr. HB: Where did you get the idea of drawing on cups from?

GS: I got the idea from Tomas Pajdlhauser (@captain_tom), an artist and co-owner of Birling, an Ottawa skate shop and cafe. Last winter, he painted scenes around Ottawa on his cafe’s cups. I thought it was really neat using the cup as a canvas, but I don’t own my own cafe. So instead, I thought I'd go around to different cafes and sketch a scene inside the cafe itself.

Mr. HB: How do you rank cups of different coffee shops?

GS: I rate the lid based on colour. Black and white are pretty standard, but unique colours like pink or pistachio green are really fun to see on a cup. I rate the stamp based on the design, the ink colour, and how well it represents the cafe. Rating the cup is also my way of not writing a lengthy caption, so don’t take my ratings too seriously!

Mr. HB: Sounds like someone is throwing some shade at my lengthy coffee reviews LOL!

GS: Haha, not at all. We all have different talents that make us unique. Mine is sketching, yours is writing pretty detailed reviews, which are pretty spot on!

Mr. HB: What has been your favourite coffee shop you've gone to and why?

GS: It's hard to pick a favourite because there's so much diversity. I'm a big plant guy, so I love the overwhelming greenery in Rustle & Still and Run & Gun. Fix Coffee & Bikes has a great outdoor space, but also has a projector inside showing bike races. Dogs & Coffee is a dog-friendly cafe, so there's often a bunch of dogs goofing around. Every cafe has something unique, and I think they're all worth checking out.

Mr. HB: Why did you start your Instagram page?

GS: I started my page to share my art. I really love connecting with other artists – and more recently, coffee enthusiasts – over what I’m sharing. And since I often sketch on location, browsing through my posts is also a great way for me to relive those experiences.

Mr. HB: Where do you see this Instagram page going?

GS: I don't have any long-term goals with my page. I'll keep posting when I have something to share. I’m just happy to be in this space, and I’m looking forward to connecting with more people who like what I’m putting out!

Mr. HB: Why did you choose to join our team, Holey Brewed?

GS: I wanted to be more involved in Toronto's coffee community. It’s also an opportunity to reach more coffee lovers and share my cup sketches.

Mr. HB: What would you like people to know about you?

GS: I'm a fun guy.


To learn see more of @Garrett.Sketch amazing work, check out his Instagram page!

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