Holey Brewed's Content Contributor Spotlight - @RoastedTO

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

When passion meets drive, that is when greatness happens! The world needs to watch out for @RoastedTO as she is super passionate about coffee and has the drive to grow her Instagram page into something bigger. We can’t wait to watch it all unfold!

This is why we couldn’t be happier to announce that @RoastedTO will be joining Holey Brewed as one of our Content Contributors! We look forward to helping her launch her Instagram page!

We bumped into @RoastedTO as she was snapping photos at Blazacs and we decided to sit down and chat.

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Mr. HB: How are you enjoying the weekend?

RTO: My weekend was great! Got to enjoy some overdue cottage time with family and friends. Had a couple drinks, got some sun and now I feel refreshed and recharged!

Mr. HB: Why is Balzacs your favourite coffee shop in the city?

RTO: I love this coffee shop, particularly this one in the distillery. Their coffee and espresso drinks are amazing, the baristas are nice and focus on every little detail when it comes to your drink. I also don’t think that any other coffee shop has this type of atmosphere.

Mr. HB: Who is your dream coffee date?

RTO: I would honestly love to have coffee with Ellen DeGeneres. She is so funny, personable and inspiring at the same time. I feel like it would be an awesome time and I would try and pick her brain as much as possible!

Mr. HB: What does coffee mean to you?

RTO: Coffee for me is something that just used to be a way to start off my day. I've began taking the time to really appreciate it and learn more about it. Coffee has become a passage as well that allows for opportunities to meet new people or catch up with people you already know. When looking beyond the surface, I'd say coffee has really meant a lot to me.

Mr. HB: Where did your love of coffee come from?

RTO: I need to blame credit one of my best friends! She was the only one in our group that would try all kinds of different coffee drinks every time we would go out, meanwhile the rest of us usually played it safe. Eventually, she suckered us into trying an almond milk latte and from there it’s history!

Mr. HB: Why did you start your Instagram page? What is the purpose behind it?

RTO: I started my page to help Torontonians or people visiting the city find cool coffee shops that best suits them. I also wanted to try and help promote all the small coffee shops that may not get as much attention as the bigger ones. All in all, I just want to get my audience familiar with all that Toronto has to offer when it comes to coffee/tea/dessert!

Mr. HB: Where do you see this Instagram page going?

RTO: I hope to see this account thrive. Obviously! I'm hoping to have a lot of people follow it and use it as a means of helping them find a café/tea shop. I see it being a great tool for feedback allowing for credible recommendations.

Mr. HB: Why did you choose to join Holey Brewed?

RTO: I chose to join the Holey Brewed because I believe it’s a great way to create one big portal for people to use for all their coffee needs. With input from different members in the coffee community, it will be a portal that provide credible recommendations to people! I think as a team Holey Brewed will gain great credibility and will really excel within the coffee community.

Mr. HB: What are you most excited for about joining this community?

RTO: I am most excited to work with the other team members! I really enjoy teamwork based activities so I'm excited to work together to help make this community one that will grow and thrive!

Mr. HB: What else should people know about you, outside of the coffee space?

RTO: I work a pretty basic office job right now, but I am back in school doing a post grad in Marketing, so I am hoping for a complete career shift. I also love going on walks and hikes, I love to play sports, and I am a total foodie!

Mr. HB: You will love @TorontoBrunchClub!

To learn more about @RoastedTO check out her out on Instagram!

For general business inquires or to book @RoastedTO for an event, please email us at info@holeybrewed.

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