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Holey Brewed's Content Contributor Spotlight - @TorontoBrunchClub

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Have you ever been around someone who just lights up a room every time they walk in?

Well that is @TorontoBrunchClub (aka Tatiana)!

We couldn’t be happier to announce that @TorontoBrunchClub will be joining Holey Brewed as one of our Content Contributors!

We had a chance to catch up with @TorontoBrunchClub over brunch at her favourite spot Maha’s.

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Mr. HB: TorontoBrunchClub out for brunch…what a shocker! How are you doing?

TBC: Brunch is the most important meal of the day! I am doing well, I’m happy it’s finally sunny out! I’m really enjoying the chance to bike around to all my favourite cafes and brunch spots.

Mr. HB: Why is Maha’s your favourite brunch spot?

TBC: I love that they’re both halal and offer a lot of vegetarian options, so people with diverse dietary needs can eat there. I also love the variety of flavours they offer - they’re definitely not your basic brunch spot. Plus look around, it’s such a beautiful spot!

Mr. HB: If you could have brunch with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

TBC: This is an easy one for me, it would be both my grandmothers. They both died before I was born, so I’d like to have brunch with them! I think it would be a great way to discover more about my family and history.

Mr. HB: Why is coffee so important during brunch?

TBC: Coffee is how you stave off your hunger before eating, considering the long waits some spots have and how you reduce the food coma afterwards…you need indulge sometimes! As well, coffee is a tool for conversation and what brunch is complete without good food, good friends and good chats?

Mr. HB: What is the perfect type of coffee for brunch?

TBC: Personally, I like having a classic drip coffee with lots of cream. I think getting drip coffee with lots of refills feels more relaxed and ties into the brunch ambiance better than an espresso-based drink. With that being said, I think you need to find something the compliments your meal well. Classic drip is the easiest to pair with any brunch plate!

Mr. HB: Where did your love of coffee come from?

TBC: As sad as it sounds, the first coffee I ever loved was a Starbucks PSL... okay, who am I kidding, I still love it! To me, coffee is all about the experience - I associate it with lazy mornings having brunch with my parents as well as summer days exploring a variety of cafes downtown.

Mr. HB: Why did you start the @TorontoBrunchClub Instagram page?

TBC: I started Toronto Brunch Club in the summer of 2017 after realizing that I spent a lot of time going out for brunch — so why not make something more official out of it? Toronto has so many great brunch spots and cafes to discover that I wanted to highlight my favourites, as well as ensure people weren't wasting their time at the ones that weren't quite the same quality! It's also been a great way to force myself out of my comfort zone in terms of restaurants. I've found that since I started my page, I've been exploring the city as well as the GTA a lot more to discover new spots I hadn't yet tried.

Mr. HB: What is the vision of TorontoBrunchClub? What are you looking to get out of it?

TBC: I aim to create a page that represents the brunch lifestyle. To me, it's not just about going for a meal. It's also about taking time to spend with friends and loved ones and exploring the city, whether that's through events or cafes, and taking time to relax rather than always being go-go-go. As a naturally anxious introvert, that isn't something that comes easily to me — so through my page I want to represent the kind of lifestyle that I want to have and force myself to relax in the process!

Mr. HB: Why did you join the Holey Brewed?

TBC: To hang out with you obviously! I joined because I like the idea of a community of people who work together to support each other! Sometimes the food blogger space can feel excessively clique-y (didn't we leave that behind in high school?) or even pretentious (you post photos of food on Instagram, chill) so I wanted to find a space where I could just feel comfortable and chat with other bloggers in a supportive way. Plus, I just really love coffee and can't wait to discover new spots in the city from recommendations that I trust.

Mr. HB: If you could give advice to someone about to start an Instagram food blogger page, what would it be?

TBC: My main advice would to be not to take yourself too seriously. At the end of the day, I think food Instagram pages should be all about sharing a love of food and experiences in a fun way, rather than in getting caught up in the numbers. Do it because you love it!

Mr. HB: What else should people know about you?

TBC: I’m a crazy cat lady- when I’m not at a cafe or brunching, I’m probably lying in bed with a book and my cats!

Mr. HB: Last question, how are you seriously this awesome?

TBC: SHUT UP! *goes red from blushing*

To learn more about @TorontoBrunchClub, check out her out on Instagram!

For general business inquires or to book @TorontoBrunchClub for an event, please email us at info@holeybrewed.com

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