Holey Brewed's Content Contributor Spotlight - @vancouver.coffee

Holey Brewed is thrilled to welcome @vancouver.coffee to the team in the role of Content Contributor.

What is most exiting about this addition to the team is that this is the first team member from the Vancouver area—a city world-renowned for its unparalleled coffee scene! This is a city with some of the most well-known roasters and coffee shops and you can rest assured that @vancouver.coffee will be sharing some incredible content from many of these top-rated places.

So Tyler from @commonlycoffee (West Coast Division Lead) on behalf of Holy Brewed, reached out to @vancouver.coffee so that you can get to know our newest team member!

Check out @vancouver.coffee on Instagram

HB: What is your favourite type of coffee and why?

VC: A pour over or AeroPress made at home. I don’t have a hands-down favourite simply because my preference depends on mood, but I can’t go wrong with a nice cup of coffee made from beans I have yet to try.

HB: Where did your love for coffee come from?

VC: I only started drinking coffee due to business and networking meetings at coffee shops — and wanted to at least look like I knew what I was doing when I ordered. From there, my interest continued to grow, wanting to read more on the different types, processes, and techniques.

HB: How do you see the coffee space changing in the next 10 years?

VC: Virtual or hologram coffee shops.

HB: Hmm…this sounds like a very interesting idea.

HB: What is something you wish you could change about the coffee space?

VC: In Vancouver, not much. There’s something for everyone, but there’s also always room to grow with the types of coffee, methods, and spaces. I like the creativity and innovation in coffee shops around the world with fruit coffee or more intriguing flavoured lattes — all of which might be more attractive to non-traditional coffee drinkers. But probably not something Vancouver is ready for.

HB: Where did your inspiration for @vancouver.coffee comes from?

VC: I just wanted a place to post up my coffee photos, and some of my friends have been asking me for coffee shop recommendations, so this is a platform where I can direct them to.

HB: What are some Instagram accounts that inspire you and why?

VC: I may on occasion waste hours watching latte art clips on Instagram.

HB: That is definitely good use of one’s time! Those videos can be totally mesmerizing.

HB: What makes your Instagram account special compared to so many out there?

VC: All the people I follow are coffee shops or roasters based in Metro Vancouver — my own curated list for friends.

HB: Where in the world is on your bucket list to experience their coffee and coffee culture?

VC: Taiwan and Malaysia are my two favourite destinations in Asia for coffee.

HB: Why did you choose to join Holey Brewed as a Content Contributor?

VC: I’m interested in seeing this coffee community grow and being able to contribute to it. It's great to see so many people exploring the coffee space in the city and across the country.

HB: What advice would you give someone newly getting into coffee?

VC: Try everything. You don’t have to be a snob to appreciate good coffee, and you don’t need to know everything before exploring the differences in coffee. Everyone has varied preference and tastes, so enjoy it.

HB: What should people know about you outside of @vancouver.coffee?

VC: I also sometimes drink tea …

Check out @vancouver.coffee on Instagram and give him a follow! Be sure to check him out to find the best cafes in Vancouver (and its surrounding areas).

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