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Five Health Benefits of Coffee, Backed by Science

Updated: May 4

Can coffee cure coronavirus? No, no it can't. But there are a plethora of health benefits you should know about, especially since it always seems to be a debate whether coffee is good v. bad for you... Short answer: it is good for you! Thus, I give you: Five science-backed health benefits of drinking (caffeinated) coffee...

1. It's probably the biggest source of antioxidants in your diet  Surprised? Turns out if you eat a standard Western diet, coffee is about the healthiest thing you drink and has more antioxidants than your fruit and veggie intake (combined)! ​Antioxidants of all kinds are great for you, and the ones in coffee are particularly good at protecting against heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. 2. It burns fat  Studies indicate that caffeine can specifically increase fat burning by as much as 29%. This is (one of the many reasons) why I don't go to the gym early in the a.m. before my morning cup. 3. It boosts focus and productivity  Hell, it's how I got around to writing this blog post! There's a reason why we (usually) drink coffee in the morning and alcohol in the evening (excluding brunch)... Research finds consuming caffeine “significantly enhanced” problem-solving abilities, while consuming (modest amounts of) alcohol facilitates creative cognition. So remember: coffee for work and cocktails for brainstorms! 4. It can fight and help prevent depression  In several decade-long studies, this result is found time and time again: Depression risk decreases with increasing caffeinated coffee consumption.  5. It lowers your risk of dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's  Caffeine is key when it comes to this one, particularly in lowering your risk of Parkinson's. The caffeine in coffee increases your dopamine levels (the feel-good neurotransmitter), and Parkinson's is caused by the death of dopamine-generating neurons in your brain. Stay healthy & keep caffeinated! ☕

Written by: @LACoffeeMate & autumnskinner.com/coffeemate-blog

Sources: Healthline and Science Direct


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