Holey Brewed Content Contributor Spotlight - @brewathomeblog

We are excited to introduce the newest Content Contributor to the Holey Brewed team...@brewathomeblog!

One of Canada’s freshest voices in Specialty Coffee is none other than Kyle Roswell from @brewathomeblog and we are stoked to welcome him to the Holey Brewed team! It seems like the entire world has taken to brewing coffee at home. Kyle wants to make it clear that his passion is to help you make great coffee at home, because life is too short to be drinking bad coffee!

Kyle has an incredible home setup when it comes to brewing coffee (and we are only a little bit envious)!

Tyler Hagan, Head of Content Strategy reached out to Kyle to get to know him a bit better so that we could share it with all of you!

Tyler: Where did your love for coffee come from?

Kyle:I’ve always loved coffee as long as I can remember. My love for specialty coffee escalated when moving to Ottawa. There’s a cafe called Ministry Of Coffee that had a pour-over bar, and the baristas would take their time educating and seeing passion for coffee beyond what I had known.

I decided a few years later to begin trying to mimic these incredible coffees at home. This grew from a small hobby to one of my greatest passions.

Tyler: What is your favourite type of coffee?

Kyle: Espresso!

Tyler: Yeah, no need to say much more. Can’t beat the ‘spro!

Tyler: What is your favourite at home brewing method? Do you have any favourite brewing recipes?

Kyle: I love brewing espresso at home! I’m thankful to have a great setup to brew cafe quality espresso a few feet from my living room.

I also enjoy pour over coffee. The V60 and Kalita Wave are my go-to!

My favourite recipe: Espresso - 2:1 brew ratio. Always.

Tyler: Who is someone you look up to in the coffee space and why?

Kyle: James Hoffman! He’s the GOAT!

Tyler: I gotta agree with you on that one. I can waste hours of my life watching his videos and never get bored.

Tyler: If you had an opportunity to take anyone on a coffee date? Where would you take them? What would you order for each of you?

Kyle: I would take my beautiful wife Natasha! We’d go to one of our favourite local cafes here in Ottawa. I’d get an espresso and she would get a flat white or latte!

Tyler: How do you see the coffee space changing in the next 3-5 years?

Kyle: I believe specialty coffee has and is continually becoming less pretentious and more inclusive each and every year.

I love seeing the continued growth of brewing at home. Especially after these last few months I believe brewing specialty coffee at home will only continue to rise and become more standardized.

Tyler: What do you hope people take away from the content you post on your Instagram account?

Kyle: My biggest passion is to help others on their coffee journey. My goal is to help people brew specialty coffee at home.

Tyler: I love hearing this man! I can attest to so many people feeling like they don’t know where to start, but having one person they know and trust to help them take those next steps makes all the difference!

Tyler: What is something you wish you could change about the coffee space?

Kyle: I believe there can be a pretentious attitude amongst some coffee enthusiasts and cafe owners alike. I believe humility can go a long way in helping others, and birthing passion in specialty coffee.

Tyler: Why did you choose to join Holey Brewed?

Kyle: I believe Holey Brewed is a great platform for all things coffee! I’ve been motivated, educated and inspired by the content on HB! Holey Brewed is also incredibly inclusive which is what we need more of in the coffee space. I hope to contribute and also help others through this great platform!

Tyler: What advice would you give someone newly getting into brewing coffee at home and/or speciality coffee?

Kyle: Where do I start?! Prioritize a great grinder. Buy fresh coffee and support local.

Tyler: Such good words man. It doesn’t take much to brew great coffee at home, it just takes a few fundamental things!

Tyler: What should people know about you aside from your love for coffee?

Kyle: I’m a family man! I have a 19-month-old and an incredible wife that I love to the moon and back!

Thanks again to Kyle from @brewathomeblog for taking the time to chat with Tyler and for sharing a bit more of his story.

Welcome to the brew crew Kyle!

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