Holey Brewed's Content Contributor Spotlight - @jerney

What’s up everybody, it’s Tyler from @commonlycoffee here on behalf of the team at Holey Brewed. I am stoked to introduce our newest team member and content contributor... @jerney!

It's easy to tell right away that there is something special about the content he is sharing online and it can be summed up in two words; coffee and photography! He has an eye for capturing the beautiful nuances and colours of coffee, especially how it reacts to natural light, when its poured into glassware.

He currently calls Waterloo, Ontario home and has a lot of love towards the specialty coffee community in his hometown. I had a chance to chat with him to hear more about his story!

Tyler: Where did your love for coffee come from?

Jerney: I’ve always loved coffee, even drinking really bad coffee as a kid I began to enjoy it. My first specialty coffee experience was a decaf from Monigram*, after that I knew there was so much more to explore.

Tyler: Not to be confused with the Monogram in Calgary! But they are both great coffee roasters! Tyler: What is your favourite type of coffee? What makes it so special to you? Jerney: My favourite type of coffee has to be filter, making 2 cups every morning for my wife and I is ritualistic. It’s special because it’s always a time we can spend together for 10-15 mins even if the day is busy.

Tyler: What is your favourite at home brewing method? Do you have any favourite brewing recipes? Jerney: V60 or my origami dripper are my favourite brewing methods. I like to follow James Hoffman’s pour-over recipe as my go to.

Tyler: There really is nothing that James Hoffman can do wrong. His videos are amazing, and are a great way to learn more about specialty coffee.

Tyler: Who is someone you look up to in the coffee space and why?

Jerney: Chris Tellez and Andrew Thom from Show & Tell always inspire me. They’ve both been in specialty coffee forever and are always approachable and open to talk about brew methods or coffee recipes.

Tyler: Chris Tellez is a great guy. He spent many years out here in Calgary (where I’m from) and I can remember hanging out with him early on in my coffee journey as well. Tyler: If you had an opportunity to take anyone on a coffee date? Where would you take them? What would you order for each of you?

Jerney: Show & Tell again, it’s definitely my favourite cafe. My go to drink is a 1&1, made popular by Cat & Cloud. I love the taste of espresso and also having a milk drink at the same time.

Tyler: How do you see the coffee space changing in the next 3-5 years? Jerney: I see it changing by embracing what the coffee industry really has to offer, in terms of experimental fermentations and processing. Filter coffee goes really undervalued but I think it will begin to shine over espresso, or I hope so! Tyler: I think these two things are definitely trends we want to keep a close eye on in the years to come!

Tyler: What do you hope people take away from the content you post on your Instagram account? Jerney: Firstly, coffee is really delicious, it’s not just a drink you have in the morning to get out of bed. And second, specialty coffee is for everyone and shouldn’t be intimidating to get into. Tyler: What is something you wish you could change about the coffee space?

Jerney: I would change approachability in specialty coffee, it shouldn’t be intimidating, and it isn’t some high-class drink. That or how bad commodity coffee is and drinking an XL $1 coffee doesn’t leave room for the farmer to make any money. Both are great topics I want to explore further.

Tyler: I can’t wait to have you explore both of these in more detail. It would be great to have you put together a blog or two about these.

Tyler: Why did you make the decision to join Holey Brewed? Jenrey: They seemed like a really great team of coffee people who were always supporting and encouraging each other. I wanted to help spread the knowledge of specialty coffee and there’s always strength in numbers!

Tyler: There is a lot of love on this team. Something that makes this team special is that we appreciate everyone, regardless of where they sit in their coffee journey! We are excited to have you join this incredible team!

Tyler: What advice would you give someone newly getting into brewing coffee at home and/or speciality coffee?

Jerney: Start small, there is a lot of authoritative texts and a million brewing recipes. There’s no wrong way to brew and if it works for you explore that option more!

Tyler: What should people know about you aside from your love for coffee?

Jerney: I’ve done hardwood flooring since high school and could probably run a flooring business if I wanted. But there’s no amount of money that will make you enjoy you job and love what you do. Life is short and don’t be afraid to try new things!

@Jerney will be contributing to our blog section of our platform. Keep an eye to see some of his great pieces. He recently uploaded a piece about how to keep specialty coffee approachable. It's a great read!

Don't forget to follow @Jerney on Instagram!

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