Holey Brewed's Content Contributor Spotlight - @lacoffeemate

We at Holey Brewed are excited to announce that @lacoffeemate is our newest Content Contributor!

What is most exciting about this addition is that she created her own opportunity with us. @lacoffeemate sent us an email about why she should be part of our team, and we just couldn't say no!

Instead of us telling you more about @lacoffeemate, why don't you hear it from her yourself...

Hello Holey Brewed,

I'm Autumn, better known as your friendly "@LACoffeeMate" on Instagram. What started as a part-time job as a barista when I was 16 grew to become my greatest passion and lifetime love affair.

After six years as a barista, one year as a bartender and many college majors I dove into the world of advertising and PR... But I couldn't stay away from my hospitality roots.

What started as a school journalism project blossomed into a hard-working hobby, keeping my creative gears turning and my excuse for drinking copious amounts of coffee valid.

I aim to keep CoffeeMate as utilitarian as possible, which is the core of why I created it. I was astonished I couldn't find a guide to coffee shops in LOS ANGELES with all the information I found pertinent before going to one! Including the parking situation, the brand of coffees served, the vibe, if there's WiFi, if it's a good date spot or more of a working spot... All the elements I naturally think of when I visit a coffee shop, but wish I had known about beforehand. Since I couldn't find this all-encompassing resource, I decided to create it! With sprinkles of human-interest, humor and lifestyle, CoffeeMate was born.

I started as a barista at the east coast-based supermarket chain, Wegmans. For those who aren't familiar, Wegmans is like an inexpensive, nicer, more authentic Whole Foods. Each market has a coffee shop with Wegmans' own coffee served, and this is where my love for the coffee culture, beverage, history and side-effects were born. I went on to become a certified Coffee Master at Starbucks when I moved west, and I knew my dream job one day would include never again having to pay for coffee.

My favorite coffees admittedly come from Africa, so I realize I have quite a bias when reviewing coffees. I do try to branch out though, as the world of coffee is as diverse as the world itself. But to me, nothing beats a fruity, floral and citrusy African brew. Since diversity is important to me, CoffeeMate is not just an LA coffee shop guide, it also houses coffee and product reviews, health and wellness articles and coffee pairings.

Something I wish I could change about the coffee space is the accessibility. I think people drinking their first cup of coffee and world barista champs should be treated equally in-store as well as have the same amount of resources available to each of them. The craft coffee community is not inherently pretentious, but some within are, so, unfortunately, it's become the stereotype you are a coffee "snob" rather than "aficionado." This is part of what my blog seeks to establish: a layman's resource for the novice and expert alike. Even more, this is why I want to be part of the Holey Brewed team. I truly believe that your platforms aim is to educate and entertain all coffee lovers, regardless of their coffee knowledge level (aka coffee journey).

Please consider me as your next Holey Brewed Content Contributor.

All the best,

Autumn (@lacoffeemate)

Autumn is excited to be joining our team as a Content Contributor focused on building out our blog page!

Check out @lacoffeemate on Instagram and give her a follow! Be sure to check her out to find the best cafes in Los Angeles (and its surrounding areas).

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