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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Music and coffee have a lot more in common than people think. They both have the ability to slow us down in this fast pace world, help us appreciate the simple things in life, but more importantly, they both can bring people together. The combination of both is what drives our newest Content Contributor to explore new coffee shops daily. Each time she visits a new spot, she matches a song or album with her coffee or the coffee shop vibe.

If you don’t find her in a cafe, then you’ll likely find her in an old record store looking for vinyls to add to her collection. Although she may love music and coffee, nothing will ever capture her heart more than her three-year-old dog Chelsea. We were able to get Chelsea’s permission, which is why we are excited to announce that @memyselfncaffeine will be joining the Holey Brewed team!

@memyselfncaffeine joins the Holey Brewed team as Content Contributor!

I had a chance to sit down with @memyselfncaffeine at @quantumcoffeeco to dive deeper about her Instagram page and her excitement about joining Holey Brewed!

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Mr. HB: Looks like winter came earlier than we expected, any big winter plans?

MMC: My plans for the winter is to snowboard as much as possible! I learned how to board over 5 years ago and have enjoyed my winters so much more because of it. This year I’m trying to plan a snowboarding trip to Mont Tremblant!

Mr. HB: Let’s just right into the coffee talk! What is your favourite type of coffee and why?

MMC: Good! That’s why I’m here. My favourite coffee would either have to be a good pour over, or an oat milk Cortado! I always start off my day with a pour over because I feel that it truly highlights the finer qualities in a coffee bean. Cortados I love because it’s the perfect balance of coffee and milk.

Mr. HB: Where did your love for coffee come from?

MMC: My love for coffee came from my late grandfather. He was my favourite person. We always had such a special connection as I felt he understood me. Coffee was our thing. Coming from an Italian family, espresso is a huge deal after a meal. He had so many different espresso pots that he would make his coffee on. One day he taught me how to make one with the right amount of water to coffee and also showed me how to grind the coffee beans. From that day on, I would always make his coffee for him and we would try it together and just talk. My sister would try and compete with me but he always said I made it the best. Besides loving the taste of coffee, it reminds me of him.

Mr. HB: I absolutely love that! What a great reason to love coffee!

Mr. HB: In your eyes, how do you see the coffee space changing?

MMC: I feel that coffee community is changing in a positive way. There have been so many great coffee innovations in the last few years. I feel that there is more to come. I think the appreciation for coffee will continue to prosper in the future, which is why platforms like yours is going to be exciting to watch grow.

Mr. HB: Where did your inspiration for @memyselfncaffeine comes from?

MMC: My inspiration for @memyselfncaffeine came from always spending time in different coffee shops. When I am not working, I try and find a new coffee shop to experience and do work at. I wanted to start documenting my experiences through a platform that could connect me to others who are interested in coffee like myself. I figured it would also be a great way to learn more about the coffee industry, something that really interests me.

Mr. HB: What makes your Instagram account special compared to so many out there? Do you have a theme to your page?

MMC: I decided to combine music with coffee on my page to make it different from other accounts. Music has always been a big part of my life. I need music to pretty much do anything! I always try and create playlists that go with the coffee shop that I’m at, so I figured why not add that feature to @memyselfncaffeine ! Every time I post about a coffee shop, I’ll post a feature song or album that goes with my coffee or the coffee shop vibe.

Mr. HB: Yes! So clever! What album do you associate with this pour over here at @quantumcoffeeco?

MMC: You will have to wait and see my post. No spoilers!

Mr. HB: Why did you choose to join the Holey Brewed community?

MMC: I chose to join Holey Brewed’s community because I think it will be a great networking platform. I love the idea of connecting with others who have similar interests as me. It is a great way to learn more about coffee and the coffee industry. I view myself as a lifelong learner, so I am very excited to join this community and expand my current knowledge of coffee.

Mr. HB: What is the most exciting part about joining the community?

MMC: I am the most excited for attending different coffee events with the community members and learning more about the industry!

Mr. HB: What should people know about you outside of @memyselfncaffeine?

MMC: Outside of exploring coffee shops, you can find me looking for vinyls to add to my vinyl collection. I love concerts, travel, hockey, snowboarding and being active. I’m a dog momma to my girl Chelsea who will be 3 in January. I’m a supply teacher and teach at the elementary level. I have a dream to open up my own coffee shop one day!

Mr. HB: I couldn’t be more excited to have you join our community! Welcome!

MMC: Thank you! Excited for what’s to come!

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