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If you find our newest Content Contributor at a cafe, you likely won’t see her sipping on a latte. Instead, she will probably be sitting back people watching while enjoying her Turkish coffee or espresso. When you’re born into a Middle Eastern family, it’s almost sacrilegious to not become a coffee lover! For our newest Content Contributor, it’s no different. She always encourages new coffee drinkers to try coffee in all different forms! She reminds them that everyone has a different palate, and eventually they will find what they enjoy most. Outside the coffee community, she loves watching Japanese anime, Korean dramas and movies!

We could not be more excited to announce that @tanya.in.to will be joining the Holey Brewed team as a Content Contributor!

What type of content can you expect from @tanya.in.to?

She has created a weekly vlog style video series called “TTC COFFEE”. Each week she chooses a local cafe to visit, that is easily accessible from the Toronto subway line. She will record the atmosphere and uniqueness of the cafe, as well as her order. As an added bonus, in her videos she shows you how to navigate your way from the subway to the cafe! This is a fun and lighthearted video series designed to help Toronto locals and tourists discover some of the best cafes off the Toronto subway line.

Knowing her love of Japanese anime, Mr. HB suggested that they meet at Black Canary as it’s situated inside of a comic bookstore! Even with her best efforts, she couldn’t convince him to get into comics. Nevertheless, they spent the time chatting about what is to come for Holey Brewed and her upcoming involvement in it!

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Mr. HB: Welcome to the new decade and the new year! Any big new year resolutions or goals for 2020?

TTO: Thank you! I can’t believe it’s the year 2020 already. A goal of mine this year is to keep encouraging myself not to be afraid of going out of my comfort zone. I hope to turn some of my passions and hobbies into something of value that I can share with others.

Mr. HB: What is your favourite type of coffee and why?

TTO: I have to give you two answers. Turkish coffee and espresso. I love the aroma and intensity they both share. Being from a part Middle Eastern background, it was the type of coffee I grew up with. Culturally in the Middle East, it’s the kind of coffee most consumed. I’ve learned to grow an appreciation for both.

Mr. HB: What is something you wish you could change about the coffee space?

TTO: Honestly? Not much! I like the direction the coffee space has been going. I’m really fascinated by how many amazing and unique local cafes have been popping up around the city. Specialty coffee is a lot more accessible now which is great! Also, the coffee community seems to be a lot more inclusive now than in past.

Mr. HB: That is the goal of the Holey Brewed platform, so I am glad you mentioned that!

Mr. HB: Where did your inspiration for @tanya.in.to come from?

TTO: It came from my love of coffee and the cafe culture. I can spend hours just sitting in a cafe sipping on coffee and people watching. There are so many amazing local cafes in this city and I love venturing out to find them! I decided to share my coffee journeys in a creative way, and use it as a way to connect with others in the coffee community. I wanted @tanya.in.to to be a “go-to” guide for people like myself, who love to coffee crawl and support our local cafes too.

Mr. HB: What makes your Instagram account special compared to so many out there? Do you have a theme to your page?

TTO: My page is different because I showcase the local cafes I visit through mostly video. I find using video can be a lot more effective when trying to capture the atmosphere and uniqueness of a cafe. The theme of my page is cafes along the TTC subway lines. Toronto has an abundance of local cafes with some of the best coffee around. A majority of them just happen to be located steps away from our subway stations. I have created a weekly vlog style video series called “TTC COFFEE”. I choose the best local cafes off of the subway lines that are easily accessible for everyone (locals and tourists). This video series shows you how to navigate through our subway system while also presenting some beautiful views of our city at the same time!

Mr. HB: How do you see the coffee space changing?

The coffee community has grown rapidly over the last couple of years which exciting. The coffee industry is always evolving in so many ways. I think it’s going in a positive direction. Consumers these days seem to be more knowledgeable about coffee than ever. It has definitely created more of a desire for speciality coffee. I’m really interested to see how coffee companies will try to keep up with the supply and demand over time, especially with environmental changes affecting some of the coffee crops. This also seems to be the era of artisan coffee shops versus big chain coffee! I can’t wait to see how it all plays out in the next few years!

Mr. HB: Where did your love for coffee come from?

TTO: It came from being surrounded by coffee everyday growing up. My family is huge coffee drinkers. It’s basically our lifestyle! Over time it helped me grow my own love and appreciation for it.

Mr. HB: Why did you choose to join Holey Brewed as a Content Contributor?

TTO: I love what this platform brings to the coffee community. Holey Brewed is very inclusive. It provides a lot of fun, interesting, and educational content about coffee and doughnuts. I look forward to learning so much more about the coffee industry! And of course, I wanted to be part of such an awesome team!

Mr. HB: We couldn’t be more excited to have you and the other team members are excited to meet you!

Mr. HB: What advice would you give someone who is new to drinking coffee?

TTO: Don’t be afraid to try coffee in any form. Everyone has a different palate. Eventually you will find what you enjoy the most. Don’t take it too seriously!

Mr. HB: And finally,…what should people know about you outside of @tanya.in.to

TTO: I work as a registered dental hygienist. Needless to say, oral health is really important to me! Besides that, I’m really into Japanese culture and have been studying the language in my spare time. Also, I’m not ashamed to admit that I watch a lot of Japanese anime, Korean dramas and movies! I also love to travel, listen to music, watch hockey, basketball, and create videos.

Mr. HB: WOW! There is so much to here to unfold but we can do that later. Any tips on keeping my teeth nice and white?

TTO: Maybe reduce the amount of coffee you drink?

Mr. HB: Ha. F**k off!

Tanya has confirmed that the Chocolate Dip is her favourite flavour of doughnut.

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