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Top 5 Most Beautiful Coffee-Growing Regions in the World

Despite the old saying, coffee is not the second-most traded commodity in the world. Sorry to burst any small-talk topic bubbles.

But humans do drink insane amounts of coffee, some countries more than others (Finland and Italy, more than France and China). A huge amount of that coffee is still exported from the South and Central Americas, but rather than talk stats, I want to help scratch any wanderlust/cabin fever/intrepid itches you may have during the quarantine (gorgeous photos included)!

I give you: Coffee from Five of the Most Beautiful Places in the World...

Costa Rica:

I visited Costa Rica twice, once I was lucky enough to cruise through a coffee farm. Both times were amazing -- ziplining, exotic animals, fresh-picked wild fruit and the warmest ocean waters I’ve ever felt.

Definite MUST VISIT: The Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia (first stop on my next visit)


I visited Oahu on a big family Christmas vacation, and we stayed RIGHT on the beach. It was a fantastic trip: leisure mixed with adventure, fresh seafood, a tropical New Year’s Eve and the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Did I mention the freshest Kona coffee?

(Photo of our backyard during the trip)


South of Kenya lies Tanzania: what you probably picture when you think of the Serengeti. This country has expanses of zebras, elephants and lions, Mount Kilimanjaro and the gorgeous spice-trading island of Zanzibar.

Papua New Guinea:

Coffee is the major export crop on Papua New Guinea, where dense rainforests cover the mountainous terrain, surrounded by stunning coral reefs and active volcanoes. Despite producing often medium-bodied, fruity coffee, the natural habitat on PNG often produces coffee with low levels of acidity, making it an easy-to-drink crowd-pleaser.


The largest Latin American country, Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches and continually being the world’s largest producer of coffee. As with so many agricultural products, coffee was first farmed by slaves under plantation owners, and Brazil was one of the last countries to abolish slavery on coffee farms.

If you get the chance, tour a coffee farm on your next international trip -- it will be worth it and you’ll come home with some delicious souvenirs.

Cheers to your next adventure! ☕💃

Written by: @LACoffeeMate & autumnskinner.com/coffeemate-blog


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