If you are a fan of coffee, it is hard to visit Spain without falling in love with their coffee culture! Many assume that the Spanish coffee culture is the same as the cultures of Portugal or Italy (because they are neighbour countries), but they are wrong!


Spain's adoption of the new wave (third-wave) coffee culture has been slower than other countries in Europe, as they are still considered to be in their infancy stage. Those in Spain who are embracing and introducing locals to the third wave coffee movement are masters in their craft. Many new aged coffee personalities have deemed some of local roasters (and coffee shops) of Spain, as some of the best in the world. If you ever get that chance to drink coffee in any country, we would highly recommend Spain!

Currently in this section you will find;

(1) Coffee shops in Barcelona

(2) Coffee shops in Madrid

(3) Coffee shops in Sevilla  

More coffee shop reviews to come. Stay tuned!


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